Item: Popular googi song on child marriage among the Kusaas

Title: Apʋ bi’ ka kul sid  

Artiste: Fati osman and her googi team

Place: Yakut, Bawku Municipality, Upper East Region of Ghana

Date: 5th August 2022

Description: This is a googi performance on child marriage. The artist identifies cultural norms and other socio-economic factors as main drivers of child marriage and teenage pregnancies in rural Kusaal speaking communities. She advocates for changes in cultural practices that are detrimental to the lives of young girls and women and calls on chiefs, parents and the youth to take up the fight. She encourages the youth to endeavour to pursue education for socio-economic transformation.

Commissioned: CUSP-IAS+NETWORK



Item: Docudrama on child marriage among the Kusaas

Title: Biig Sidkulug 

Producer: Winimi Film Production

Place: Garu, Upper East Region of Ghana

Date: 7th August 2022

Description: Out of poverty, a betrothed school girl drops out of school and is given out into marriage at age 13. She suffers several pregnancy complicated problems until a classmate who became a medical doctor came to save her life.